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General Tips on Using Social Media for Marketing

Reaching customers

You have to establish a direct line of control over your customers if you wish to keep them interested in you for a long time. You have to send and receive emails and keep track of what they are up to on their social media websites. It should go beyond mere birthday wishes and you should make the effort to congratulate them for their various achievements in life.

The 80/20 analysis

The 80/20 analysis is one where you perform a statistical analysis to see what is working well for you and what is not. For this, you should start by looking at the numbers. The numbers here refer to the number of followers that you have for your company on each of your social networking sites.

Write down the numbers individually next to the names of the sites and then total all to see the final number. Now divide each of the numbers individually with the final number to see what they put out. The one that puts out the lowest number here is your best site. That is the site you have to pursue if you wish to make the most of your marketing strategies.

Organize events

It is important for you to organize certain promotional strategies and events to bring together your existing customers and also educate new ones about it. These events should aim at increasing the reach of your social media strategies. The event should be organized at a venue that is close to a majority of your loyal customers. You have to invite them well in advance and tell them what to expect at the event. You can organize food and drink as well.

There, you have to ask them to educate their friends and family members about your social media strategies. You have to inform them about any upcoming deals and schemes that will interest them. Before they leave, you should ask them to leave behind feedback asking about their opinion and also if they will be interested in attending any more such events.

Social media only offers

You have to offer your customers a social media-specific offer. This means that you give them the chance to make the most of their social media presence and be thankful for it. You can give them social media-only discounts or social media-only giveaways. Just ensure that it is a big amount so that they remain motivated to keep buying from you. You can also offer the combined benefits by tying up with another company.

Those that like your Facebook page or retweet one of your tweets can be given a discount coupon for another brand. This will help you expand your customer base in a big way. Apart from the four different social media sites that were mentioned in this book, there are some others like linked in and Google+ that you should exploit and use to your advantage.

Last word

The more presence that you have on the Internet, the bigger your audience will get. So try to sign up with all the different platforms and use all of them to your company’s advantage.

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