Why Should Valves Be Sanitary?

Union Metal manufactures and sells camlock valves, sanitary clamps, camlock ball valves, tri clamp fittings. Union Metal produces sanitary ball valves. Why must metal be sanitary? Many businesses need sanitary components to assist fluid flow.

Metal isn’t usually considered a hygienic material. Stainless steel resists corrosion and oxidation but stains under low oxygen, excessive salinity, or poor air movement. Sanitary pipe fittings, valves, and other metal fittings are essential for liquid flow. Union Metal discusses why sanitary practices are so important in this blog.


Sanitary ball valves and butterfly valves are intended for clean or sterile processes. Dairy, food, pharmaceutical, medical, and chemical sectors need sterile processing. In these sectors, Union Metal sanitary valves provide the highest hygiene standards.

Crevice-free cleaning and polished contact surfaces are common characteristics of sanitary valves for these sectors.

Plug, ball, butterfly, needle, gate, pinch, diaphragm, and globe valves are common. Butterfly sanitary valves have a metal disc or vane that opens quickly. When spun on a shaft, it seals against the valve body seats at right angles to the pipe flow. Butterfly valves are flow throttles. Ball valves provide tight shut-off and control, making them excellent for beer brewing and other high-pressure applications. Due to the regulating element’s design, ball valves provide great rangeability without the side loads of butterfly or globe valves.


No matter the industry, sanitary valves are beneficial. When your company or industry requires a genuine and pure product, sanitary ball valves, sanitary butterfly valves, and other superb sanitary valves may help:

Crevice-free sanitary valves are vital for the food and medical industries because fissures harbor more germs. You’d want a restaurant or operation to be clean, so you don’t get ill or wounded. No gaps in the sanitary valve mean no hygiene issues.

Sanitary valves are simple to clean; the food and dairy sectors value cleanliness. Because these businesses are busy monitoring product flow, assuring the appropriate volumes, and keeping a stable temperature, cleaning work must be easy. Easily cleanable sanitary valves don’t discolor.

Smooth and polished surfaces prevent rust and corrosion on sanitary valves. Rust and corrosion prevention may be expensive for enterprises. Using polished stainless steel sanitary valves saves food, dairy, and pharmaceutical companies money.


Modern technology has improved many parts of the workforce, but many sectors still rely on dependable, hygienic mechanical fittings like Union Metal’s ball or butterfly valves. In addition, any broken or contaminated components may disturb the sanitary valve’s system, costing companies time and money.

Even though computers automate the machines these sanitary valves support, a computer can’t support a machine’s sanitary and mechanical components, and that’s where Union Metal shines.

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