Introduction: the introduction of acoustic office screen

There are several benefits of acoustic office screens, the most notable being their ability to reduce noise levels in offices. Acoustic office screens are a great solution for reducing noise levels and improving workplace productivity. They are also great for accommodating people with hearing impairments or other medical conditions that make standard soundproofing difficult or impossible.

How does an acoustic office screen work?

Acoustic office screens use sound waves to communicate with workers in an open space. When a worker touches the screen, the sound waves cause the device to vibrate and emit a beep, alerting the worker that they have touched the screen and sending them a message.

Many different types of acoustic office screens are available on the market today. Some screens only emit a beep, while others also send messages. The type of screen that you choose will depend on your specific needs. For example, if you need to keep track of who works in an open space, you would want to choose a screen emitting beeps. If you need to send messages to workers, you will choose a screen that also sends messages.

The acoustic office screen is an excellent way to help increase productivity in open spaces. By sending workers alerts when they have touched the screen, it eliminates the need for them to look around for their workstations constantly. Plus, having one central location for all communication in an open space can save time and energy overall!

Pros of acoustic office screens

-They can be used anywhere without needing an acoustic treatment system.

-They are very affordable, especially when compared to other soundproofing solutions.

-They provide relatively good sound isolation.

-They have a long lifespan and can be easily maintained.


The LEEDINGS acoustic office screen can be an incredible addition to any working space. With their ability to reduce noise and distractions, acoustic office screens can help you focus on your work more flexibly. Plus, they look great when paired with other modern design elements in your office!

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