Telstra Bigpond Webmail Login: Your Simple Guide

Perhaps you are curious to learn that Bigpond mail and Telstra are very similar platforms.

Don’t worry, we will explain to you how you can log in to the bigpond mail account and the concept behind Telstra mail and Bigpond mail.

Is Telstra and Bigpond the same thing?

Although Bigpond movies is still owned by the cocompany nama Ed Telsco, it has been closed down to make way for a new service called Telstra Webmail. This service will replace email address for home broadband customers with

The platforms were combined in 2013, and since then people have faced a log in problem with Bigpond because they use Telstra mail to sign into Bigpond.

This article will provide all the information you need to have a successful Bigpond login.

Sign In to Bigpond Email:

Here’s how to sign in to your bigpond/Telstra account:

  1. Login to
  2. Enter your credentials

Next, enter your details such as your Bigpond username and password.

  1. Telstra Mail Business Account

You must enter your Telstra executive ID if you have one.

  1. Login

Finally, click the “Login” button.

Logging in to an email account with Bigpond using a third-party E-mail client?

Access your bigpond email account from mobile devices, desktop clients, such as outlook express, thunderbird and mozilla, or Apple mail, is possible. Below are the required SMTP server settings for this function on desktop and mobile.

IMAP settings to Telstra/Bigpond mail using MAC email client

  1. is the IMAP Web server site
  2. IMAP port: 993
  3. IMAP security: SSL
  4. IMAP Access

IMAP username: Your complete email address

Your IMAP password for your Email address: Your password

Setting up SMTP server for Telstra/Bigpond Email using Mac Email Client

  1. is the SMTP server
  2. SMTP Port: 465
  3. SMTP Security: SSL
  4. SMTP Username : Your complete email address
  5. SMTP Password: Your password

These are the important settings you must set to allow Bigpond email to function in your email client.

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