Samsung SAM Virtual Assistant – OMG, It’s Real

Samsung just declared Sam the Samsung girl a official. She’s more than a virtual assistant. This Samsung girl became a viral sensation last year as a virtual assistant for Samsung phones. Sam is a bright-eyed, cheerful lady with bright eyes who loves to text, listen to music and play games on her Samsung phone. She quickly became the latest internet waifu, or new love interest. Many were instantly infatuated with her.

These 3D renders were created by a Samsung marketing company and Brazillian design firm Lightfarm. Many thought that Sam would replace Bixby on our phones as a virtual assistant.

However, we discovered later that this is not true. Sam was intended to show what a hypothetical virtual assistant might look like in human form. Samsung made Sam official one year later. Samsung’s Latin America branch named Sam their new digital expert.

Although I have no idea what she said, Samsung’s post states that she is a digital specialist and not a replacement to Bixby. Instead, she will answer questions about the company’s products, functions, and services via Samsung’s digital channels and social networks.

Samsung has announced that Sam will play a key role in Samsung’s awareness campaign aimed at Gen Z consumers. Sam will be featured in SmartThings and first will provide information on the Freestyle smart projector, and 5G connectivity available for the Galaxy S22.

Sam will be available only to Latin American customers at the moment, but it will expand internationally in the future. It doesn’t appear that Sam will replace Bixby. She is a virtual assistant on Samsung’s digital channels and a digital expert. Her role is to answer consumer queries, questions, and explain the features of new products. But never say never. Sam could replace Bixby if Samsung brings NEON to Galaxy phones. However, this is too optimistic.

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