Navigating Company Formation in Sharjah: A Few Essential Tips and Tricks

Starting a business in Sharjah, one of the most prosperous emirates in the UAE, can be fruitful. Sharjah presents the best prospects for investors and businesses. Some benefits are in the form of its locational advantage, amicable economic climate, and robust infrastructure. Business creation necessitates meticulous preparation and a thorough understanding of the legal environment. Hence, managing the intricacies of Sharjah holds significance. Here are some helpful hints and strategies to get your business in Sharjah.

Recognizing the Business Environment

Having a proper understanding of the business environment of Sharjah is indispensable. The emirate provides a range of selections for business formations. For instance in free zone corporations. Every structure has a unique set of advantages and specifications.

Companies in Free Zones

Companies operating in free zones enjoy lenient import/export procedures. They get tax exemptions and 100% foreign ownership. Unless a local distributor is designated, organizations are prohibited from dealing with the UAE market directly.

Process for Company Formation

The entire process for business setup in UAE consists of various steps ranging from collecting necessary documents and applying to the relevant authorities.

Choose a valid business activity

There are more than 2000 valid business activities from where one can choose from. The trade license in Sharjah is issued according to the nature of business, ranging from general trading to industrial, tourism, and professional services.

Select the company name

One must register the company name that is valid according to the UAE laws and not already taken.


The documentation consists of an application, KYC documents of the applicants, copies of passports, visas, Emirati ID, company profile, and business plan. The documents should be furnished to the relevant approving authorities.

Pay registration fees

Once the initial approval for company registration is granted, one must pay the required registration fees and any other charges as applicable for granting the business license.

Office Space and Visa

For registering a company in Sharjah free zone, the office space must be from the designated zone. Otherwise, one can set up an office anywhere. The requirements for office space are to have a valid lease agreement, and depending on the size of the office and the number of employees, the visa quantity will be issued accordingly.

License cost in Sharjah

The factors that influence the business license cost in Sharjah are

type of business activity, location, and company structure.

How does SRTIP Accelerator help in Company Formation in Sharjah?

The SRTIP Accelerator team plays a crucial role in providing customized setup solutions in the free zone of Sharjah. Business setup in Sharjah Free Zone use this platform for free zone set-ups and use their expertise in company formation.

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