How to play upside down chess is simple and easy to remember that new players need to know

Chess is known as one of the top entertainment games today, very popular in China. With unpredictable changes in experience, this game has brought players many exciting and dramatic moments. To be able to understand clearly How to play upside down chess As well as gaining effective gaming experience, let’s find out with Trang Chủ Hi88 in the article below!

Upside down flags and extremely interesting information

Upward flag is also known by another name as Chaozhou, originating in Hong Kong, China. This is a variation of Chinese chess so it attracts the attention of many players.

This game was introduced to Vietnam in the 90s of the last century. Initially it was only played mainly in Saigon, but then gradually spread and became as popular as it is today. In 2000, the first tournament was held in Hong Kong and received the response of many players.

Detailed instructions on how to play upside down chess for new players to refer to

How to play upside down chess Extremely simple, basically all the pieces will be placed upside down in a random way, except for the two generals. After being turned over, on the first move all face-down pieces will follow the rules of Chinese chess in the position they are standing in. From the second move, the new piece moves according to its function.

Arrange the chessboard

This game uses a chess board to organize plank line, is made up of 10 horizontal lines and 9 vertical lines intersecting each other at 90 degree angles. There will be a space in the middle called a river to divide the chessboard into two symmetrical parts. Each side will have a square general’s arc made up of 4 cells. In this area, there will be two diagonal lines and is where the general’s troops are allowed to move.

How the chess pieces move

At the beginning of a game there will be 32 pieces, each side is divided equally into 16 red pieces and 16 black pieces, including 7 types of pieces. Here it is How to play upside down chess Details and movement rules of each chess piece for players’ reference:

  • General: This is the only piece that is exposed, each move moves 1 square (horizontal or echo), the movement range is in a square arc.
  • Si:Si Each move moves 1 square diagonally.
  • Statue: Statueallowed to move 2 cells along the line, in case there is another chess piece lying block midway, its move will be invalid.
  • Code: Code Move in an L shape, go straight 2 spaces and then sideways 1 space. If another piece blocks the path, it will not be able to move.
  • Car: Xe is allowed unlimited horizontal and vertical movement, as long as there are no troops blocking the path.
  • Cannon: France has the same movement as the rook. However, the only difference here is that when it wants to capture the opponent’s piece, it must pass another piece.
  • Good: Each pawn can only move 1 square and cannot move back. Before crossing the river, it can only move vertically, however after crossing the river it is allowed to move horizontally.

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How to play upside down chess and always win, conquer Hi88 easily

Wanting to win when betting at Hi88 is not easy. However, you can optimize your experience and increase your winning rate by remembering the following experiences:

  • Priority is given to opening 5 face down cards in good positions, then continue to open the lower rows.
  • Control the opponent’s face-down pieces, this will cause the opponent to fall into a state of stagnation and have no champion to capture the player’s pieces.
  • How to play upside down chess The effect that bettors need to remember is that in the case where they are allowed to sacrifice a piece to save another piece, they need to make full use of it. The pawn is the piece that should be given priority to sacrifice to save stronger pieces such as chariots, artillery, horses,…
  • Absolutely do not arbitrarily capture pieces in prohibited positions.
  • Use two face-down rooks for defense, should only be used in urgent periods.
  • Two artillery pieces should only be used when attacking to defeat the opponent.
  • During the game, you need to be very focused and calm to find effective moves to quickly defeat your opponent.

Above are the instructions How to play upside down chess Details for your reference. Just by following these betting experiences, we ensure players will have the best entertainment experience. What’s more, conquer Hi88 easily and bring back attractive rewards.

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