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Ensure Uninterrupted Power with IEETek’s Solar Generator for Home Backup

When it comes to safeguarding your home against unexpected power outages, having a reliable backup power solution is paramount. IEETek, a renowned technology company, offers the best solar generator for home backup, providing homeowners with a seamless transition to backup power during emergencies. With their advanced features and cutting-edge technology, IEETek’s solar generator guarantees uninterrupted power supply, ensuring peace of mind for homeowners.


State-of-the-art Bi-directional Inverter

IEETek’s solar generator is equipped with a state-of-the-art bi-directional inverter, enabling a rapid charging rate of 800W through an AC power source. This impressive feature allows the solar generator to reach an 80% charge within one hour and a full 100% charge in just 1.5 hours. With IEETek’s solar generator, homeowners can quickly restore power to their essential devices and appliances during power outages.

Exceptional Performance

Unlike many other portable battery power stations on the market, IEETek’s solar generator goes beyond traditional built-in adapters. The charging power rating of 800W ensures efficient and reliable power supply. Furthermore, IEETek’s solar generator is adaptable to 2000W loads, making it suitable for a wide range of devices and appliances.

In the event of a blackout, IEETek’s solar generator seamlessly transitions into action, providing uninterrupted power supply to essential devices such as refrigerators and desktop computers. With a transition time of just 10 milliseconds, homeowners can trust IEETek’s solar generator to keep their vital appliances running smoothly.

IEETek’s commitment to delivering high-quality and reliable products is evident in their use of Gotion High-Tech Co., Ltd. battery cells. These cells, known for their exceptional performance, ensure reliable battery backup for home power outages. Even after 2000 cycles, the usable capacity of the Gotion battery remains at an impressive 80%.


In conclusion, IEETek’s solar generator is the ultimate solution for homeowners seeking uninterrupted power during home power outages. With their advanced features, seamless transition capabilities, and reliable battery backup, IEETek ensures that your essential devices and appliances remain powered when you need them the most.

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