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Enhancing Endodontic Practice with NIC Dental’s MR&R System for Broken Instrument Retrieval

The retrieval of broken instruments within the root canal has always presented a challenge in endodontic practice. However, NIC Dental‘s MR&R System offers an effective solution for this problem. This article explores how the MR&R System, based on the design, research, and development of two national patents, facilitates the safe and efficient removal of broken instruments with minimal dentin sacrifice.

Assessing and Planning Instrument Removal

Before initiating the broken instrument retrieval process, proper evaluation and planning are crucial. The MR&R System enables dental professionals to accurately assess the position of the broken instrument within the root canal and determine the most suitable approach for its removal. With this precise evaluation, the risk of unnecessary dentin sacrifice is minimized, ensuring optimal preservation of tooth structure.

Safe and Efficient Instrument Removal

NIC Dental’s MR&R System excels in the safe and efficient removal of broken instruments from the root canal. By employing innovative techniques and specialized tools, the system allows dental professionals to navigate complex root canal anatomy and retrieve the broken instrument effectively. This minimally invasive approach reduces patient discomfort, preserves surrounding dentin, and enhances the overall success of the endodontic procedure.

Advancing Endodontic Practice

The MR&R System represents a significant advancement in endodontic practice by providing a reliable solution for broken instrument retrieval. Its ability to remove broken instruments with minimal dentin sacrifice ensures that patients receive optimal care, while dental professionals can achieve successful outcomes. By incorporating the MR&R System into their practice, dentists can enhance their expertise and offer improved endodontic services to their patients.


NIC Dental’s endodontic perforation has transformed the process of broken instrument retrieval in endodontics. With its innovative design, research, and development based on two national patents, the system enables dental professionals to safely and efficiently remove broken instruments from the root canal, minimizing dentin sacrifice. By embracing the MR&R System, dental practitioners can enhance their endodontic practice, providing patients with high-quality care and improved treatment outcomes.

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