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Elevate Cabinet Lighting with Ledia Lighting’s Sensor Lights for Cupboards

Ledia Lighting is a renowned provider of advanced lighting solutions, catering to you  worldwide. With their commitment to LED solutions, Ledia Lighting offers distributors and agents cutting-edge sensor light for cupboard. Today, we will explore Ledia Lighting’s sensor lights for cupboards, focusing on the Lightsaber A08 series. These sensor lights combine convenience, energy efficiency, and stylish design to enhance the functionality and aesthetics of any cabinet space.

Lightsaber A08: The Perfect Sensor Light for Cupboards

The Lightsaber A08 series from Ledia Lighting is designed specifically for cupboards, providing a practical and energy-efficient lighting solution. With its compact size of 65x65x16mm, this sensor light seamlessly integrates into any cupboard space without compromising on style or functionality.

Sensor Technology: PIR and Hand-Waving Sensor

The Lightsaber A08 sensor lights are equipped with both PIR (passive infrared) and hand-waving sensor technology. The PIR sensor detects motion within its range, automatically turning on the lights when someone approaches the cupboard. The hand-waving sensor allows users to control the lights with a simple wave of the hand, providing a touchless and convenient user experience.

Rechargeable and Wireless Design

Ledia Lighting understands the importance of flexibility and ease of installation. The Lightsaber A08 sensor lights are powered by a built-in rechargeable battery, eliminating the need for cumbersome wiring. This wireless design allows distributors and agents to offer a hassle-free lighting solution that can be easily installed in any cupboard, regardless of its location or accessibility.


Ledia Lighting’s sensor lights for cupboards, specifically the Lightsaber A08 series, provide distributors and agents with an exceptional lighting solution that combines convenience, energy efficiency, and stylish design. With PIR and hand-waving sensor technology, rechargeable and wireless functionality, and a choice of color temperatures and stylish variants, these sensor lights offer you  a superior lighting experience for their cupboards.

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