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Elevate Nucleic Acid Extraction with Magen Biotech’s SDS

Magen Biotech proudly presents its unparalleled product, Sodium Dodecyl Sulphate (SDS), as a catalyst for efficient nucleic acid extraction. Each batch of SDS undergoes stringent screening and quality control processes to ensure outstanding performance. SDS acts as a potent surfactant that dissolves proteins, effectively disrupting non-covalent bonds and denaturing proteins, thereby altering their natural structure and function. In the context of nucleic acid extraction, SDS plays a pivotal role in cell membrane lysis, enabling the release of essential soluble substances.

Precipitation Phenomenon: Exploiting SDS’s Unique Characteristics

A notable characteristic of SDS is its tendency to precipitate at low temperatures. As the detergent with the highest critical micelle temperature, SDS exhibits enhanced precipitation, especially in the presence of potassium salt. Leveraging this property, Magen Biotech’s SDS enables efficient protein removal from digestive juices. By eliminating unwanted proteins, researchers can obtain cleaner samples, setting the stage for more accurate and reliable downstream applications.

Unwavering Commitment to Quality: Magen Biotech’s Superior Standards

Magen Biotech places utmost importance on quality control, ensuring that only top-tier SDS products are delivered to researchers. Through comprehensive screening and rigorous quality control measures, Magen Biotech guarantees the performance and reliability of its SDS. Researchers can confidently rely on Magen Biotech’s SDS for their nucleic acid extraction needs, knowing they have the support of an exceptional product designed to maximize efficiency and deliver reliable results.


Magen Biotech’s extraordinary SDS product raises the bar in nucleic acid extraction, empowering researchers to achieve superior outcomes in their scientific pursuits. SDS’s remarkable capabilities in dissolving proteins and facilitating cell membrane lysis pave the way for efficient nucleic acid extraction. Furthermore, the unique precipitation phenomenon of SDS proves invaluable in protein removal from digestive juices, resulting in cleaner samples for downstream applications. Backed by uncompromising quality control measures, Magen Biotech ensures researchers have access to exceptional SDS products, fostering confidence and excellence in nucleic acid extraction. Elevate your research with Magen Biotech’s SDS and experience the efficiency and reliability it brings to your nucleic acid extraction endeavors.

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