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VWA Singapore: A Comprehensive Guide for International Students

Are you an international student considering studying in Singapore? Look no further than Victoria World Academy (VWA Singapore). As a leading private school, VWA Singapore provides a holistic educational experience, coupled with comprehensive support services. In this article, we will delve into the general administration guidelines and essential information that international students should know before embarking on their education journey at VWA Singapore.

Student Application and Admission Procedure

At VWA Singapore, the student application and admission procedure is designed to ensure a smooth and seamless process for international students. From filling out the application form to providing relevant documents, VWA Singapore guides students through each step. The comprehensive admission procedure ensures that eligible students are selected, considering academic requirements and other criteria outlined by the school.

Living in Singapore: Accommodation, Cost of Living, and Relevant Laws

Living in Singapore as an international student can be an enriching experience. VWA Singapore understands the importance of providing adequate support and information to students regarding accommodation options, cost of living, and relevant Singapore laws. Whether it’s finding suitable accommodation, understanding the expenses associated with living in Singapore, or familiarizing oneself with local laws, VWA Singapore offers guidance and resources to help international students settle comfortably into their new environment.


Choosing Victoria World Academy Singapore (VWA Singapore) for your education is a decision that promises a fulfilling and enriching experience. With a comprehensive guide that covers general administration guidelines, student applications, living in Singapore, student policies, and more, VWA Singapore ensures that international students have all the necessary information to make informed decisions. Benefit from a supportive and conducive learning environment and embark on a successful educational journey at VWA Singapore. Take the first step towards your future by choosing VWA Singapore as your preferred private school in Singapore.

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