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An Automatic Facial Mask Making Machine for Efficient Production

Introducing the VPD-400 Facial Mask Making Machine, Vippai offers an automated and efficient solution for facial mask production and packaging. This machine not only saves labor and packaging costs but also ensures a contamination-free production process, meeting the highest standards of GMP certification.

Streamlined Production and Cost Savings

The Vippai VPD-400 Facial Mask Making Machine revolutionizes the production process by automating mask production and packaging. With this machine, manufacturers can save 8-15 labor forces, reducing operational costs significantly. Additionally, the machine’s design ensures a contamination-free environment throughout the production process, guaranteeing the highest quality masks for consumers. This automation, combined with labor and material cost savings, enhances overall efficiency and profitability.

Versatile and User-Friendly Design

The VPD-400 machine offers easy adjustment for changing bag types, providing broad applicability and convenience in packaging different facial mask varieties. Its servo setting enables stable and user-friendly operation, ensuring consistent and reliable performance. The machine incorporates a balcony design that separates the drive station from the work station, ensuring safety and reliability during operation. Furthermore, the machine allows for manual inspection of the filling process, enabling the identification and removal of any black spots or unqualified products. The high-end metering pump used in the machine ensures precise filling, with an accuracy of plus or minus 1 gram.


Vippai’s VPD-400 Facial Mask Making Machine is an automatic and efficient solution for facial mask production and packaging. With its automated process and contamination-free environment, this machine streamlines production while maintaining the highest quality standards. The labor and cost savings, along with the machine’s versatility and user-friendly design, make it a valuable asset for manufacturers. Vippai continues to deliver innovative and reliable facial mask making machines, empowering manufacturers to meet the demands of the market with efficiency and precision.

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