All information about the game sicbo you may not know

Sicbo game Also known by another name, Sic Bo, is a familiar game that everyone who has played it for a long time knows. If you want to understand clearly about sicbo and its detailed rules. Follow along New 88 is typing Read the article below now.

What is sicbo game?

The game sicbo, also known as dice or dice, is a popular score prediction game in Vietnam. The game originated in China, then gradually developed and spread to many other countries.

With gameplay that is quite simple, easy but no less attractive, sicbo has gradually become a game loved by many gamers, although according to the game portal, the payout rate of Game sicbo will be different. Therefore, when placing bets, gamers should refer to the payout rates as well as the game’s regulations.

Are the rules of sicbo simple and easy to understand?

After learning about basic information about sicbo, the next thing you need to learn is the rules of playing sicbo. Because when you grasp it firmly, your chances of winning will increase.

Number of players in a sicbo game

Whether playing traditional sicbo or online, the number of players is not limited. The more players a casino has, the higher your chances of receiving a bonus when you win.

What does the sicbo playing kit include?

For a game of sicbo to officially begin, the dealer needs to prepare all the tools. A set of dice playing tools includes: three 6-sided dice wallets with each side marked from 1 to 6, a plate and a bowl for rolling dice, a sheet of paper with numbers written on it. Gamers place bets.

Betting options and reward rates of Game sicbo

If gamers are learning about the rules of sicbo, you need to know the betting options. Each bet will have a different payout rate as well as a different probability of winning, so please note this.

Type 1: Over/under betting

This is the most popular betting door on the market today. The probability of 3 over/under bets is as high as 48, 61%. The specific regulations of Sicbo betting are as follows:

  • Bet on the under if you think the total score of the 3 dice is between 4 and 10 points.
  • Bet on Over if you think the total score of the 3 dice is from 11 to 17 points.

Type 2: Odd even bet

When learning about how to play sicbo, you can prioritize betting on the even or odd number. Betting on this number means you bet on the sum of the 3 dice to be even or odd to enter the money. The appearance rate of this bet is quite high, which is 48, 61%.

This is also the most basic bet when gamers start playing sicbo. If you follow this bet throughout the game, you will limit the risk of losing everything because the odds of appearing are quite high.

Type 3: Specific triple bet

Betting on a specific set of 2 means that the player will bet on a specific number appearing on all 3 sides of the dice. Because the probability of this bet is only 0.46%, the reward rate of this bet is quite high.
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Type 4: Any triple bet

Betting on any triple is a quite bold and risky way to bet. This is the door with a set of three that will appear when opening the disc and has a very low appearance rate of only 2.8%.

Tips for playing sicbo game to win quickly from experts

To increase your chances of winning, in addition to understanding the rules of the game, you need to have tips for playing. This will help you easily win and receive huge rewards.

Apply long distance play when playing sicbo

This strategy is very suitable for people with small capital and do not want to play risky. Players who apply this strategy will minimize their loss rate and increase their chances of winning.

With a small capital, players can place “small” bets and then gradually increase their capital until they feel their win rate is stable at 90% on that table. The playing strategy in online sicbo game is also known as long-distance strategy. If you have enough patience, this is the right choice.

The payout ratio for this bet is 1:1, the lowest of the bunch and there is no chance to double or triple the bet. Choosing the total score from 4-10 or 11-17 will help predict the results of the first 3 dice from 1 to 2 tables.

Proceed to play the sicbo game according to your judgment

The game sicbo is a game that does not depend only on luck. It also requires players to be thoughtful in the process of making predictions.

For example, when applying the strategy of betting on a specific number, if the player chooses the number 2 and among the 3 dice there is one 2 and two 3s, the player will win that game. From this result, the player can determine the probability of other numbers appearing.

For the 3-number betting strategy, the player chooses the set of three numbers that will appear on the top side. And the win rate in this case is very rare, unless the player wants to risk, otherwise this strategy should be avoided.

In the 2-number betting strategy, based on the experience of playing sicbo of experts, it is determined that the pair of numbers 2, 4, 6 are the three pairs of numbers with the highest probability of appearing. Players can apply this strategy if they feel suitable.

The game sicbo has quite simple and easy rules if you follow our instructions. So, what are you waiting for? Play and experience right away.

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