Pok deng is a card game originating from Thailand and has been popular with many players recently. That’s why the house new889.blue brought this game to a large number of players. Please register to enjoy this exciting game.

Although it is known to many people, not everyone understands the rules of the game or has some experience with this game. Let’s New88 Analyze through the article below!

6 experiences of playing Pok Deng to always win from experts

When will more cards be drawn?

When the total score of 02 cards in the first deal is lower than 4 points, you need to draw cards to increase the score. In the case of a total score of 5 -> 7, the player should not draw more cards because it is easy to draw large cards, making the total score even lower. In pok deng, from 5 points or more, you have a chance to win.

Should I become a dealer?

The disadvantage of being a dealer in pok deng is that you cannot decide the bet amount yourself, but the participant will follow the bet amount of other participants. Therefore, if you are a dealer, it is very easy for people to win or beat losses from many opponents. Therefore, if you have the opportunity, you will have to be a dealer.

Place reasonable bets

If you do not want to be the dealer, as a player, you need to consider and decide how much to bet. There are many ways for you to spend money reasonably in Pok Deng. Players can use the following ways to deposit money:

If you lose, bet twice as much as the previous losing game, and if you win, bet the same amount as the first game. Or you can apply the method of placing bets according to the sequence of numbers: 2 – 2 – 4 – 6 – 10 – 16 – 26… If you lose the bet, you bet according to the sequence of numbers, but if you win, everyone returns the bet accordingly. two games ago.

Control your psychology well when playing

While playing cards for prizes, the more impatient the participant is, the more likely the participant will lose the bet. Psychology is also a factor that greatly impacts your game. The more optimally you control your psychology, the calmer and more thoughtful you are, the higher your chances of winning.

In the game Pok Deng, too, there is no way you can win money in a state of suspense and haste. Therefore, you need to learn how to control psychological factors by participating in more pok deng trials. Through many trial games, you can also learn a lot of experience and train yourself to play proficiently.

Understand the rules of the game and how to arrange cards

Besides understanding the secret to playing, understanding how to arrange cards in Pok Deng is also a very good experience to help people improve their chances of winning.

The secret to arranging cards here as well as its playing tips are very simple and easy to understand. Pok deng does not have as many card placement methods as some other complex games, but it only includes 6 easy-to-remember card placement methods:

  • Pok: This is when the participant gets a total score of 8 or 9 with two cards. With pok, you win.
  • Straight flush: This is when the participant gets three consecutive cards of the same suit
  • Three cards: This is when the player owns three cards of the same value
  • Straight: Is when a player has three cards in a row but not of the same suit
  • Three human-shaped cards: This is when the participant carries three human-shaped cards
  • Normal: Is the line that removes most of the above cases.

Know when to stop the game, whether you win or lose

After understanding the rules of the game and how to arrange cards, the next experience of playing Pok Deng is the psychology of knowing the score.cease of the game whether winning or losing. Observing the gameplay of Pok Deng that most people own, we can see that this is a card game where victory almost depends on the luck of the participants. But not everyone always has luck following them.

The first thing you need to control when participating in this game is to determine for yourself the limits of the winning amount and the losing amount. And when you play, when you reach the limit you have set, you need to stop whether you are winning or losing and want to play a few more games to recover. Because that is the core that helps players keep their winnings or make sure they don’t go broke when they return home.


Above are some experiences of playing Pok deng that New88 has compiled and shared with you. Hopefully the above experiences can help you win in this exciting game.

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