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ZTT’s Coaxial Cable Solutions: Powering Reliable Mobile Communication

ZTT, a leading manufacturer and supplier of mobile communication cables, offers a comprehensive range of energy storage solutions. With a commitment to excellence, ZTT’s coaxial cables provide reliable connectivity for mobile communication networks. In this article, we will explore the features and advantages of ZTT’s coaxial cables, including their diverse product offerings, superior design, and global recognition.

Comprehensive Range of Coaxial Cable Offerings

ZTT provides a wide range of coaxial cables to meet various mobile communication needs. Their product portfolio includes radio frequency cables, leaky coaxial cables, railway digital signal cables, and high-temperature cables and accessories. With an annual production capacity of 80,000 kilometers of radio frequency cables, 10,000 kilometers of leaky coaxial cables, and more, ZTT can cater to different customer requirements while ensuring fast delivery.

Superior Design and Reliability

ZTT’s coaxial cables are designed, manufactured, and tested according to international standards, such as the IEC series. They also offer customization options to meet specific customer requirements. ZTT’s commitment to safety and reliability is evident through their adherence to standards like IEC 61196 and IEC 60332. With rigorous testing in third-party laboratories, such as TLC and ROHS, ZTT ensures the delivery of safe and reliable products.

Wide Application and Global Recognition

ZTT’s coaxial cables have been widely adopted in various projects worldwide. With an online operation of over 485,000 kilometers and servicing approximately 460,000 base stations, ZTT’s cables have played a crucial role in the mobile communication industry. Their leaky coaxial cables, used in 42 cities and 148 subway lines, have accumulated a significant supply of nearly 9,200 kilometers. These cables have brought great convenience to people’s lives by supporting the transportation needs of millions of passengers every hour. ZTT’s dedication to quality and service has earned them global recognition.


ZTT’s coaxial cable solutions provide reliable connectivity for mobile communication networks. With a comprehensive range of products, superior design and reliability, and global recognition, ZTT is a trusted provider in the industry. Choose ZTT’s coaxial cables for secure and efficient mobile communication solutions.

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