Top 3 Ways to Catch Double Lotto, Hundred Phat, Hundred Wins from Experts

There is no shortage of effective ways to catch double lotteries. It is important that players know how to use them intelligently and know how to use them at the right time and place. Specifically, you can see the details in the article below on how to catch lotteries NEW88 Please.

What is double lot?

Before studyingHow to catch double lotteries, you must know that this is a familiar form of lottery playing in the numbering “village”, requiring players to find pairs of numbers that are the same in both the tens and units places to play every day. The important feature when playing double lotteries is that there is no need to reverse the numbers, helping to reduce capital compared to other playing methods.

There are three popular types of double lots that players can choose from. Mastering this information will help you apply double lotteries more effectively in the future:

  • Different pair: A pair of numbers with the same tens and ones but the difference is 5 units. For example: 16 – 61, 83 – 38, 94 – 49…
  • Equal double: The most common type, is simply a pair of numbers with the same tens and ones in the range from 00 – 100. This method is popular with more players because it is easy to play and has good results. high hit rate.
  • Dual sound: This type is less popular because it is difficult to play and is rarely applied. Negative double lots include pairs of numbers in the positive and negative number group. For example: 0 – 7, 1- 4, 2 – 9, 3 – 6, 5 – 8 thus create pairs of negative double numbers in the lottery results table.

Instructions on how to catch double lotteries correctly

Currently, there are many ways to catch lotteries that experts use and really achieve unexpected results. Each method has its own way of implementation, depending on the player’s application level. To better understand these tips, you can refer to some of the most accurate lottery methods from experts:

Catch double lotteries from the beginning – the tail is dumb

When it comes to prediction, most bettors immediately think of silent numbers. This is a popular way to catch double lotteries. Many methods of predicting double lotteries rely on these two types of numbers to predict the next days. The player’s task is to look at the previous day’s XSMB results table to check whether there is a dumb head or a dumb tail.

If the dumb beginning and the silent tail match, you will take those two numbers to create an equal double number to play the next day. For example, if the XSMB result has a silent beginning and a silent ending of 7, you have the number 77.

In case the ends do not match, use the double lot method to combine the head and tail to create a skewed pair. For example, if the XSMB result has a silent beginning of 5 and a tail of 2, the player will have the number 52 and its shadow is 89. So the next days, you will play the numbers 83 – 38 – 94 – 49 Please.

Based on the head and tail

This is the opposite method compared to the silent number secret above. This method of catching double lots is simple but considered very effective. You just need to use the previous day’s lottery results, take the first and last numbers of that number to combine into a double lottery and play for the next day. With this method, it is best to grow in a series of numbers for about 3 – 5 days for the highest efficiency.

For example, if the previous day was about the number 36, you just need to take the double lot numbers 33 and 66 to keep for about 3 – 5 days. If you want to be more certain, you can find more yin and yang shadows of these two numbers to create a series of numbers.

How to catch double lotteries in 3 regions according to silver memory

The method of double lottery prediction based on memory is a familiar method but requires players to have a lot of experience in memorization, statistics and calculations to find the rules of the numbers. Normally, when applying this method, bettors need to monitor the resultsLottery for a long time to understand the rule that once number A comes out, number B will definitely appear later.

For this method of catching double lotteries, if you do not have much experience, you can refer to the statistical table that experts share from forums. Some pairs of numbers that always go together could be:

  • If the number is 00, enter number 99 the next day.
  • If the double result is 88 or 77 days ago, usually the next day you should choose number 22.
  • When the lottery number is 11, you can choose number 88.
  • In case the double result is 55, immediately play number 55 or add number 11.
  • If the result is 44, the number 66 usually has higher odds.

So, above are the top ways to catch double lotteries on the market, continuously and successfully applied by 100% of NEW88’s players. You can use one method or combine several methods together to create for yourself the most useful “male thread”. Remember to always analyze carefully before “putting money in” to make effective profits.

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