Sortation Systems: Improve the Efficiency of Cargo Picking

If you work in a warehouse or logistics department, you know that the process of getting goods from point A to point B can be tricky. But imagine if this process could be streamlined – and your company could have more time for other tasks. Technological advances have recently demonstrated the importance and value of cargo sortation systems, often called “cargo automation.”

What is a cargo sortation system?

A cargo sortation system is a key part of ensuring the orderly delivery of goods to their intended destination. Cargo sortation systems can be used at domestic and international airports and help ensure that items are delivered to the correct location on the aircraft and within the warehouse.

Automated cargo sorting systems use technology to automatically sort packages based on specific criteria, such as weight or size.

Automated systems are often more efficient than manual sorting because they can handle larger loads faster. Therefore, a good goods sorting system is essential to ensure an orderly delivery process.

Benefits of using a cargo sorting system

A cargo sorting system can speed up the process of unloading cargo by quickly and easily identifying and separating different types of goods. This can help prevent potential security incidents and ensure that valuable goods are not lost. A cargo sorting system also makes locating specific items easier, saving time and hassle when loading or storing in the warehouse.


Goods sorting systems are important in efficiently moving goods through the warehouse. By quickly and accurately identifying the type and size of goods, cargo sorting systems can help reduce the time it takes to move products from one location to another. Whether you are looking to improve the efficiency of your goods picking or have high demands on safety and quality, a goods picking system from Pteris Global may be just what you need.

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