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Revolutionizing Industrial Inspection with SmartMoreInside’s Vision Sensor VN2000

Among the leading machine vision companies, SmartMoreInside stands out with their innovative product, the Vision Sensor VN2000. Equipped with advanced vision algorithms, this compact industrial intelligent vision sensor revolutionizes inspection scenarios across various industries.

Presenting the SmartMoreInside Vision Sensor VN2000

The Vision Sensor VN2000 from SmartMoreInside is revolutionizing industrial inspection. It may be used without difficulty in the automotive, food, medical, cosmetic, and precision industries thanks to its small size and cutting-edge capabilities. Its one-click adjustment feature, which enables simple plug-and-play operation even in harsh situations, is advantageous to manufacturers.

Modern Features for Superior Performance

The Vision Sensor VN2000 stands out from the competitors because to its wealth of cutting-edge capabilities. It has self-developed Cube-A technology and can zoom in and out in a single operation at millisecond levels. Because to its one-click tuning capability, it also offers automated focus, exposure, gain, and light source switching based on the dark and bright field.

Several Examination Scenarios with a Wide Range of Vision Algorithms

The VN2000 from SmartMoreInside is equipped with high-precision positioning and detection algorithms that enable it to handle a variety of inspection settings. This visual sensor produces precise results whether counting, error-proofing scenarios, or detecting presence or absence. It offers a variety of visual inspection applications with a working distance of 40-400 mm, ensuring flexibility and adaptability.


The Vision Sensor VN2000 from SmartMoreInside is changing industrial inspection thanks to its cutting-edge capabilities and a wealth of vision algorithms. It provides unmatched efficiency and precision with its small size, one-click tuning function, and automated adjustment capabilities. Its state-of-the-art machine vision solution can be used in a variety of industries, including those in the automotive, food, medical, cosmetics, and precision sectors. One of the leading machine vision firms, SmartMoreInside continues to set the standard by supplying cutting-edge technologies that fuel success across a variety of sectors.

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