Hontech Wins Secures 2700K LED Lighting Solution for Enhanced Layer Productivity in Laying Hens

For laying hens’ health, productivity, and general well-being, choosing the proper color temperature for lighting solutions is essential. A reliable source of LED lighting, Hontech Wins has acknowledged the value of custom lighting for chicken farms. They have created LED lights particularly made for laying hens using their creative methodology, focusing on the ideal 2700K color temperature.

Compared to humans, chickens have a wider range of vision, necessitating lighting solutions that are especially suited to their visual requirements. Hontech Wins has created poultry lights that are different from conventional commercial lighting since it is aware of this need. These lights combine the hues of red, blue, and green, which are essential for laying hens’ healthy development and increased egg production.

Hontech Wins’ LED lights for laying hens take advantage of the special qualities of various hues to maximize the environment for the chickens. A less stressful and more peaceful environment can be found in the flock thanks to the blue color component, which also helps keep layers calm and decreases feather plucking in chicks. Increased food intake, improved egg production, motion-activated activity, and accelerated sexual development are all stimulated by the red color component. Additionally, by promoting the proliferation of skeletal muscle satellite cells and improving egg quality, the green color component helps to boost the growth rate in the early stages.

Poultry farmers have given Hontech Wins LED lights for laying hens high marks, and many of their clients have reported better project results and higher sales value. Because of the company’s persistent dedication to fulfilling the changing needs of poultry farming, they continue to create goods that are even better suited to the growth and welfare of chickens. Because of Hontech Wins’ commitment to research and innovation, its LED lighting solutions are always at the cutting edge of technology.

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