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EVB’s Tethered EV Charger: Fast and Efficient Charging Power

When it comes to electric vehicle charging, speed and efficiency are key factors. EVB‘s tethered EV charger offers fast and efficient charging power, providing an exceptional charging experience. In this blog post, we will highlight the charging power of 2*22 kW for quick charging sessions, explain how it can cover a distance of 120 km in just 1 hour, and discuss the benefits of high powered charging for electric vehicle owners.

Charging Power of 2*22 kW for Quick Charging Sessions

EVB’s tethered EV charger boasts a charging power of 2*22 kW, allowing for rapid charging sessions. This high powered charger ensures that electric vehicles can recharge their batteries quickly and efficiently. With its impressive charging power, EVB’s charger minimizes the downtime associated with charging, enabling drivers to get back on the road faster.

Charging Time of 120 km Distance in Just 1 Hour

The fast and efficient charging power of EVB’s tethered EV charger is evident in its ability to cover a distance of 120 km in just 1 hour. This means that EV owners can charge their vehicles for a short duration and achieve a significant driving range. The charger’s high powered output translates into reduced charging times, enhancing convenience and flexibility for electric vehicle owners.

Benefits of High Powered Charging for EV Owners

The high powered charging capabilities of EVB’s tethered EV charger offer several benefits. Firstly, it provides convenience to EV owners who may have limited time available for charging. With faster charging times, drivers can quickly top up their electric vehicle’s battery and continue their journey without long waiting periods.

Moreover, high powered charging infrastructure encourages the adoption of electric vehicles by alleviating concerns about range anxiety. The ability to charge quickly and efficiently means that drivers can plan longer trips with confidence, knowing that charging stops can be brief and convenient.


EVB’s tethered EV charger stands out with its fast and efficient charging power. With a charging power of 2*22 kW, it offers rapid charging sessions, allowing for quick refueling of electric vehicle batteries. The charger’s ability to cover a distance of 120 km in just 1 hour showcases its high powered capabilities. By providing fast and efficient charging, EVB’s charger enhances convenience, minimizes downtime, and reduces range anxiety for electric vehicle owners. Choose EVB’s tethered EV charger for a charging solution that delivers impressive charging power, enabling you to get back on the road swiftly and confidently.

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