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Elevate Cardiovascular Interventions with Advanced Guiding Catheters from APT Medical

APT Medical, a distinguished high-tech enterprise established in 2002, leads the industry in research, development and production of electrophysiology and interventional medical devices. At the forefront of innovation, APT Medical offers advanced guiding catheters that revolutionize cardiovascular interventions.

Precision and Control for Enhanced Interventional Procedures

Designed with meticulous attention to detail, APT Medical’s guiding catheters optimize support, maneuverability, and stability. With the exceptional performance Marchâ„¢ Guiding Catheter empowers physicians to access and navigate the cardiovascular system with confidence, facilitating successful outcomes for a full range of cardiovascular interventions. Marchâ„¢ guiding catheter combines superior torqueability and back-up support due to braided structure and polymer material. Together with soft tip and large lumen design to give you more space for your procedures.

Guaranteed Quality and All-Inclusive Approaches

Committed to product quality and ensuring that the product meets stringent standards, APT Medical puts research and development at the forefront of its efforts to continually improve its products and lead the industry in terms of trends and requirements. The brand’s commitment to excellence extends to obtaining necessary certifications, firmly establishing APT Medical as a trusted provider of interventional devices.


With its unwavering dedication to research, development and production, APT Medical remains a driving force in the field of electrophysiology and interventional medical devices. By choosing APT Medical, agents and doctors gain access to innovative devices, further solidifying the brand’s reputation for excellence in the industry.

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